Statement - Artworks

STATEMENT - ARTWORKS Blurring the boundaries between sculpture, ecology, architecture, and theater, Lorna Jordan's art engages communities with place. Her works express a "systems aesthetic" and provide a dramatic play between form, process, and event. Pointing to a sustainable future, many of her environments perform as green infrastructure - they enhance watersheds and reveal the cycles and mysteries of water. She also creates sustainable artworks for buildings as well as works that incorporate new media. Lorna's projects are more than objects in space. They are ideas, places, and actions. They awaken the senses, tap into imaginations, enhance ecosystems, reveal natural processes, connect people to systems, and create strong identities. Communities are engaged, not as spectators, but as participants. She has an interest in movement and creates sculptural expressions that embody cinematic progressions of form. Within sites, these interact with the physical and psychological movements of people and with natural processes. In the studio, she explores computer modeling/animation programs to incorporate movement into her works. With overlapping roles as catalyst, conceptualist, and designer, Lorna transforms sites located within a variety of settings. These include a transportation hub, an airport, a streetscape, a parkway, a community college, a water reclamation plant, a nature reserve, an ecological reserve, a desert wash, a neighborhood creek watershed, and a river. Lorna enjoys the collaborative process and often works with design teams. Her work has received numerous awards including a 1997 Place Design award from "Places Journal" & the Environmental Design Research Association.