FLOW: AN AESTHETIC SEQUENCE OF FORM, PROCESS, AND EXPERIENCE "Flow" is a multi-disciplinary art sequence that provides people with an experience of movement in and around Sky Harbor Airport's new 44th Street Station. The 44th Street Station is part of Sky Harbor Airport's new LEED Automated Train Project and includes a terminal, multi-modal transportation links, parkland, a canal, and a trail system. Integrated into both buildings and landscape, the art sequence includes new media artworks, eco-artworks, and sculptural gathering places that connect people to the Southwest region while triggering internal narratives that transport them to other places. The artworks are conceived as a series of cinematic frames and progressions and include green/water walls, a green roof, a solar veil for a pedestrian bridge, solar powered LED works, a media cloud, a media cascade, earthworks, waterworks, gathering places, parks, xeriscape plantings, pathways, and shade structures. PROJECT CREDITS:
Lorna Jordan, Artist Commissioned by Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture for the Automated Train Project at Sky Harbor Airport PROPOSED - Building ArtworkPROPOSED - Building ArtworkPROPOSED - Building ArtworkPROPOSED - Landscape ArtworkSustainability: Energy, Water & Air StrategiesSustainability: Water StrategiesSustainability: Xeriscape PlantsPROPOSED - Landscape Art ElementsPROPOSED - Building Art ElementsProject Credits