SOUTHWEST PARKWAY ART PLAN The SH-121 Southwest Parkway is a new $800 million parkway in Fort Worth Texas that connects commercial areas, a cultural district, neighborhoods, and natural areas. The Art Plan connects people to the Parkway, its natural and built environments, and the adjoining neighborhoods through an experience of art. In order to contextualize the project at a regional scale, the Art Plan considers the Parkway’s place within the framework of the Trinity River Watershed, with its multiplicity of land uses and natural characteristics. It also calls for more intimate experiences that express ideas about aesthetics, nature, and infrastructure. As such, the Art Plan conceives of the Parkway as a corridor where nature and culture co-exist and interplay in diverse ways. PROJECT CREDITS:
Lorna Jordan, Art Planning Team Leader
In association with Winterbottom Design and the SH-121 Corridor Design Team Commissioned by the Fort Worth Arts Commission and prepared with the North Texas Tollway Authority and the Texas Department of Transportation Cover of Art Master PlanArt Network Zones and AreasUrban Zone divider pageUrban Zone: University AreaRiparian Zone divider pageRiparian Zone: Trinity River "Flyover"Prairie Zone divider pagePrairie Zone: Dirks/Altamesa AreaProject Credits