THEATER OF REGENERATION From the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean, Broward County’s eleven eco-communities are in peril—urban sprawl and massive drainage projects are threatening the county’s health and sense of place. In response, an Environmental Art Master Plan calls for the regeneration of Broward County’s natural and built realms. The plan raises awareness of what is being lost and proposes an Art Network of systems, sites, and events connecting people to the environment through an experience of art. The landscape tells a story—through its palimpsest of layers—about the loops of social and ecological processes that leave their marks over time. This theater of forces plays upon the landscape, obscuring and revealing what has come before. At any one moment, each of us can experience this palimpsest of layers while also playing a part in the vast performance of flows being recorded on the land. In reviewing the forces that have shaped the county, three themes begin to emerge as we think about conceptualizing, locating, and linking art projects that become both stage set and player in the unfolding drama of landscape ecology. The drama and dynamics set in motion by the interplay of layers, loops, and lenses will yield a Theater of Regeneration. The goal is to immerse people in the changing nature of the landscape by expressing the performative aspect of social and ecological processes. Places can be memory theaters that trigger internal emotions and narratives. With the commingling of the fictive and the real, the theater of the landscape allows people to participate in creating the story and to decide how they wish to experience it. PROJECT CREDITS:
Lorna Jordan, Planning Team Leader
With Steve Badanes, Wendy Brawer, Steve Moddemeyer, Steve Gates, Becca Hanson, & Winterbottom Design A Project of the Broward County Cultural Affairs Division in association with the Broward County Parks & Recreation Department Cover of 57 page Broward County Environmental Art Master Plan“Broward County’s Eco-Communities”“Broward County’s Water”“Artwork Typologies & Goals”“Conceptual Lenses – Zone Diagram”“Loop Network Diagram”"Landscape as Laboratory""Building as Laboratory" “Ephemeral & Performance Art ”“Phenomenological Art"Project Credits